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We are working on this project about 3 month ! not special . I can't belive that we are create this from joke. Ok in this game (when we are finish first beta) you can build some stuffs , but your mission in singleplayer is to survive and to find mistic cube for mistic world portal where is you "White Sphere".One devil cube make you balck and you need to open that portal ! Portal location is on the start of the game , but key is at the end of map XD and you need to find it and get back to the portal to open that !(You need to drag with mouse pointer that cube to the portal). You can recognize cube , becouse it is blinking ! I really hope that this game be very successful for me and it will be Free to play , leave comment and be happy :) GangStar Production

Trailer and screenshots will be soon :)

COMING SOON (10.2.2017 - Preview version)

Published Feb 03, 2017
StatusIn development

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